Nurse Call Systems

The Alexys team designs nurse call systems to meet the demands of modern Acute and Aged Care. Our systems provide flexibility, capability and ease of use. They communicate the right message to the right person, at the right time. From traditional digital nurse call to IP and Wi-Fi systems – we have your needs covered.

Our reliable solutions integrate with many legacy systems in the Australian healthcare market. So we support systems that are no longer supported by the original manufacturer. No matter what systems you currently operate Alexys Australia is here to help. Our experienced team is certified to work on most systems operating in Aged Care.


Aptus Pro – Hardwired Hybrid IP Nurse Call 

The Aptus Pro AU series hybrid IP is an Australian Standard AS3811 compliant nurse call solution. The Alexys team has ensured backwards compatibility so you can migrate at your own pace and adopt new technology as you need it. This makes it easy for your facility to transition to new features.

The Aptus Pro system is plug compatible with a range of legacy nurse call solutions. Spare parts are available for Austco, Questek, Xacom, Gladstone and Sedco systems. Therefore, a simple head end upgrade may keep your site operable long after the original manufacturer has stopped supporting your system.

As well as the convenience of user serviceable components, Aptus Pro features hot swappable call stations and intuitive programming. As a result, it is ideal for sites where it is a priority to reduce maintenance costs.

Now you can bring your system up to speed with Aptus Pro – giving life to legacy nurse call.


Aptus Air – Wireless Nurse Call 

Aptus Air is the next generation of Wi-Fi nurse call. With extended battery life, better monitoring and improved connectivity, Aptus Air is the right choice for your facility.

Now that voice, video and data are all sharing the wireless world, Aptus Air leverages off your investment in a wireless network.

Wi-Fi gives you the freedom of choice and location. This means that sites do not have to be restricted by building constraints or legacy locations. The Wi-Fi network blankets the site and allows for new locations without ugly cabling or ducting.