Real Time Location Services (RTLS)

Alexys Australia has introduced Real Time Location Services (RTLS) into our nurse call systems. The system identifies the exact location of all staff and residents within the entire facility.

Our Aptus Critical Messaging System ensures that the appropriate staff will be available to respond to any event. The work-flow rules within the system can be configured to your specific needs.The advanced features of the system identify the type of call and improve response times for critical calls.

RTLS and Asset Location

RTLS is also an invaluable way of ensuring asset security. Sometimes valuable assets seem to just walk out the door, or they just can’t be found in a large facility. Alexys Australia’s system prevents the frustration of being unable to find an item that you know is on the premises!

As well as preventing assets from walking, the Alexys system provides instant visualisation of all asset locations and geofencing. So you can keep track of your assets and save time and money.


RTLS - Alexys - Nurse Call System