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Our commitment

Technical Service & Support

Our Commitment

Exceptional Customer Service

From its very inception, Alexys as a technology-based organisation determined that service and support would be paramount in establishing the company as a major competitive force in the health and critical care industry. Subsequently, we recruited a highly talented team of specialist support engineers and service technicians. 

Alexys can provide a range of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) tailored to meet the specific requirements of any facility. SLAs encompass, telephone, email support and if necessary, a site visit by an Alexys technician

Additionally, Alexys has appointed a network of regional distributors and specialist service providers, these companies have been carefully selected for their industry knowledge, integrity, and technical capability. 

Most importantly, all distribution and service partners understand and share the same philosophy towards the provision of exceptional customer service. Alexys distributors, resellers and service associates receive comprehensive initial and ongoing product training. Such a commitment ensures an equivalent level of both customer service and technical support is always available throughout the entire Alexys distribution network.

Alexys tech support vans outside building
Alexys tech support

Our technology Platform

Seamless software updates & firmware revisions

Alexys International has developed an industry leading technology platform to ensure its nurse call systems are always up to date and optimised for maximum performance.  To ensure its customers are provided with the latest software and firmware revisions, Alexys delivers these updates seamlessly and without charge or limitation.

The Alexys website includes a password protected portal permitting access to technical documentation and training materials.