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Aptus Air Wi-Fi Nurse Call

Wi-Fi is the ubiquitous wireless technology of the 21st century, with voice, video and data all sharing the same wireless world. Aptus Air is the nurse call system leverages off a facility’s existing Wi-Fi investment.

With Wi-Fi comes the freedom of choice and location, installations are no longer bound by building constraints or legacy locations. The Wi-Fi network blankets the entire facility and permits new installations without ugly cabling or ducting.

Product Description

The Aptus Air series operates over the 2.4Ghz wireless LAN and is configured to meet a facility’s precise requirement. Utilising the power of Over the Air (OTA) updates, the Aptus Air system can be seamlessly upgraded with new features without a technician entering the room.

Aptus Air also enables Real Time Location Services (RTLS) through integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to automatically track and record staff presence, time in attendance and much more.

Aptus Air delivers results without compromise. This system is the clear market leader for upgrading via existing infrastructure.

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