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Aptus Unity, the System that integrates it all

The IP based Aptus Unity solution builds on the success of Aptus Pro and Aptus Air, leading the way to a new generation of intelligent Wi-Fi and PoE hardwired nurse call. The Aptus Unity system delivers the wireless communication of the future with the reassurance of hardwiring and multiple paths of communication, giving industry leading fault tolerance and operational reliability.

Product Description

The Aptus Unity Nurse Call System is the world’s first highly available intelligent nurse call system. The True IP + PoE Call Station is designed for use in hospitals and aged care facilities with optimisation for connectivity, security, reliability, versatility, with superior power and RF performance for a wide variety of applications.

Aptus UNITY is built on proven technology and based on industry standards. The Aptus Unity Nurse Call System is IP based which supports PoE cabled and 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi devices.

With the convenience of user serviceable components, hot swappable call stations and intuitive programming, the Aptus Unity solution will be the industry leader now and into the future.

All rooms are individually controlled and do not rely on a common communications bus. The system is web based and is designed for cloud support, back up and monitoring.

Built in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) RTLS (Real Time Location System) provides time in attendance and auto-cancel of nurse call as well as Resident Location when help is required.

Aptus Unity brings together years of development and provides unparalleled levels of integration and communication.

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