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Aptus CMS Enterprise Solution

Sitting at the very heart of the Alexys Aptus infrastructure lies the CMS, a microservice-based control engine seamlessly enabling communications between a facility’s alarm and monitoring systems and the outside world.

Product Description

The Aptus CMS is a new generation of critical messaging. Features include native integration to nurse call, email, SMS, Android App, Spectralink (including Versity), FIP, CCTV and access control. It informs staff of all critical messages, allowing management to log all activity, maintain operations and react to important events in a timely and informed manner across the entire campus and beyond.

Alexys uses a microservice approach which allows the engineering team to rapidly develop applications, customisation, and enhancements. A simple definition of a microservice is ‘small and autonomous services that work together’. Each focuses on doing one thing well, independent of the others, but they understand how to communicate with each other. 

This approach makes it easier for us to maintain a large complex project like a CMS than it is for many of our competitors who take the monolithic codebase path. The microservice architectural concept is used extensively by large multinational companies like Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon to name just a few.

Another significant advantage of the microservice architecture is that we can build in better fault tolerance and alternative paths should a failure occur. This is especially important for critical messaging services in the aged and acute care sectors.

The Aptus CMS is backwardly compatible with most legacy nurse call systems including many popular devices that still use serial communications. 

For convenience, collected CMS data may be stored on a separate ‘cloud’ server for additional security and redundancy. Data can be readily accessed in its raw form or presented in a dashboard style report using Microsoft Power BI to provide greater visualisation and benchmarking of alerts and their subsequent remedial actions. 

The Aptus CMS also collects quantifiable data for the Aptus Predictive Dementia Care (PDC) system. PDC is individually tailored to each resident, based on their activities of daily living (ADL).

For a technically superior critical messaging solution, look no further than the Aptus Critical Messaging System (CMS) from Alexys International.

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