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Alexys Annunciators and Indicator Lights

Annunciators form an integral part of every nurse call solution, with intelligent alphanumeric display panels to indicate incoming alerts from any initiation point within the system. Carers and residents are alerted to the various alarms both visually and audibly within a designated zone.

All Alexys annunciators are workflow controlled via the Aptus CMS, enabling them to be programmed to only show messages originating from the area defined by the facility’s management.

Alexys offers a full range of annunciators, including active LCD, an Android 7” touch and larger screen LCD annunciators, plus a full suite of “over the door” alarm status indicators.

The new Alexys DPU141HS LCD Annunciator; offers exceptional clarity and readability, through a slimline, rich 16.7m colour display that delivers unmatched visibility of critical messages.

The high-definition display ensures that important information is always easily accessible, making it ideal for use in hospitals and aged care facilities. With up to 9 messages displayed simultaneously, encompassing an intuitive and sleek scrolling feature, messages are quickly, easily, and effectively viewed.


• 24” Full HD (1920×369) active-matrix LCD, using amorphous silicon thin film transistors.

• High luminance and contrast ratio, low reflection, and wide viewing angle

• Low power consumption

• Ethernet 10M/100M connectivity.

• Super powerful 2 x 8R/2W speakers with adjustable volume control.

• Power by PoE+ or powered using 12V DC independently and centrally as required.

• Gamma correction, Hi-FRC colour depth.

• Wall or adjustable tilt for ceiling mount. • White powder-coated metal case with anti-glare display shield

The Aptus CMS (Critical Messaging System) delivers all alarm messages to designated annunciators throughout the facility, all messages are prioritized, queued, and displayed based upon the message rules that have been established for the facility. The annunciator scrolls through multiple messages of the same priority and should a higher priority message be displayed all current messages are held until the higher priority is cancelled. 

The Smart Display includes a built-in real time clock and calendar that records all displayed messages time and date for reporting accuracy. Pre-programmed event messages are able to be displayed when not displaying current alarm messages i.e., date and time, meal start time etc. By offering more detail to Residents and Staff the community is better informed reducing questions over daily events and improving staff availability for higher priority needs. 

High resolution 7” Android Touch Screen Annunciator

The DPU111HS is designed for wall mounting in Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities. Care Staff are alerted to various alarms both visually and audibly within a designated zone.

The high resolution (1024 x 600 pixels/inch) of the Alexys annunciator enables the device to display the status of multiple calls within a single screen, the various call types will be clearly differentiated by colour coding.

The Aptus HD Annunciator can be power over Ethernet (POE) or by an independent power supply (12V DC) and communicate via the facility’s Wi-Fi network. 

Large Screen Annunciators

For facilities where large screen annunciators are required,  Alexys recommends the Philips Media Suite Android based TVs. With screen sizes from 80cm (32”) upwards, Philips has lifted the bar in terms of features, including built in Google Chromecast™, on board analytics and customisable User Interface. offers a selection of High Definition wall or desk mount display panels. 

Over Door Indicator Lights 

Alexys offer a range of stylish over the door (ODL) LED indicator lights suitable for use in hospitals and aged care facilities. The low-profile parabolic lens provides 180o view when an alarm is raised. Constructed from translucent white, high gloss ABS and impregnated with an anti-bacterial additive for improved hygiene control.

The Alexys hard wired over the door alarm indicators provide high intensity, constant brightness levels with low power consumption. They are virtually maintenance free and available in industry standard Green, Red and Amber colour options and combinations to identify all call/alarm types.

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