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Aptus Aware Android Device Messaging App

It is universally acknowledged that “alarm fatigue” amongst health care professionals has become a major issue and considerable impediment to the timely delivery of critical care. Aptus Aware operates in conjunction with the Aptus Critical Messaging infrastructure greatly mitigates this concern by ensuring critical messages are never missed or ignored.

Product Description

The Aptus Aware App sends context-aware message alerts to health care staff on their Aptus certified Android device, so that the right person will receive the right message – on time, every time.

When configured to do so, the Aptus Aware App can also receive alerts from other critical facility monitoring equipment such as fire and intruder alarms, building management systems and more.

The Aptus Aware App includes innovative functions such as real-time alarms, acknowledgement, and history. Now frontline carers can receive messages on their Android device without the need to carry a separate pager or DECT phone.

The Aptus Aware App makes messaging personal, delivering the right message to the right person, on time, every time.

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