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As Alexys International expands its global footprint and distributor network, our marketing team has created a short PowerPoint presentation to provide a graphical illustration of the company’s operations and core capabilities.

This concise summary of Alexys International’s commercial activities and corporate philosophy will also detail Alexys International’s overarching relationship with Alexys Australia in terms of product design, manufacturing, and distribution.

The presentation includes a synopsis of the of Alexys’ product range and support services, it will also help illustrate why so many aged care facilities are currently selecting Alexys as their preferred partner resulting in the amazing achievement of 200 systems delivered and installed across the region within 200 weeks.

In five short years, the Sydney based Alexys engineering team has designed and commercialised three new nurse call platforms, a ground-breaking critical communication and central messaging system: thus, firmly establishing the company’s preeminent position within the Australasian healthcare industry.

To view the complete presentation please click here.