A Quantum Leap in Assisted Living Technology

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The global health care industry faces an increasingly urgent need for improvement in patient care and accountability. As the industry transitions, technology will be a major driver in the delivery of these overdue reforms. 

Fortunately, the Australian aged care industry is in an enviable position. It has access to the latest technology and the implementation capability to deliver unprecedented advances in assisted living and resident safety.

The final report from the recent Royal Commission into aged care recommends “innovation, continuous improvement and contemporary best practice in aged care are to be promoted”. The report’s section 109 calls on the Australian Government to invest in information and communication technology architecture to support the new aged care system.  

The development of Alexys’s Aptus Aware mobile phone app is a testament to how modern technology has become an integral component of an aged care facility’s resident management program.

It is universally acknowledged that “alarm fatigue” amongst health care staff has become a considerable impediment to the timely delivery of critical care. Aptus Aware operates in conjunction with the Aptus Critical Messaging infrastructure to ensure that messages are not ignored or missed.

The Aptus Aware app sends context-aware message alerts to health care staff on their Aptus certified Android device, so that the right person will receive the right message – on time, every time.

When configured to do so, the Aptus Aware App can also receive alerts from other critical facility monitoring equipment such as fire and intruder alarms, building management systems and more.

To learn more about Aptus Aware – and how it can transform client wellbeing – please contact us.