The Value and Significance of Trademarks

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In today’s rough and tumble world of marketing we are constantly exposed to product advertising with accompanying trademarks, logos and evolving tag lines. Such trademarks, in many instances, have become instrumental to the brand’s recognition and market success. Consequently, trademarks and tag lines have become an incredibly important component of the marketing strategy of all major consumer and niche brands for many years. Consider the impact of Rob Janoff’s iconic Apple logo, no additional wording, just a unique image that has come to symbolize and differentiate Apple from its competitors.

Given the key role that such trademarks play and how they clearly resonate with customers, it is equally important to protect the trademark from copying or competitors stealing a company’s brand image, as it is to protect the actual product design from theft. Without question, trademarks facilitate success, by developing and registering a brand name, a company can ensure the security of its brand by making it uniquely distinctive in an increasingly competitive space.

Alexys, as a leading developer of nurse call solutions, has made a significant investment in the protection of its intellectual property including its various product logos and tag lines. At Alexys, we have long recognised the multiple benefits of protected, strong and unique branding. Not only is the business protected from “passing off” activities and identity theft, but our portfolio of solid and recognisable trademarks also complement and clearly articulate the distinctiveness of our product range.

Alexys’ trademarks, including Aptus UnityAptus Air and Aptus CMS, have very quickly become synonymous with the company’s growth and success. Our registered trademarks convey intellectual and emotional messages about the company’s reputation, products and services. As the fastest growing new entrant into the aged and health care industry, Alexys has made a significant investment in R&D and sponsorship of major trade events. In just 5 years, Alexys has introduced a host of advanced features, including many industry firsts, to our suite of leading nurse call systems to benefit the community we proudly serve.